There’s A LOT going on this weekend at PTC! Friday through Sunday, we are thrilled to present our 7th Annual Northern Writes Festival. Also on Saturday, we throw the doors open to Downtown Bangor’s Kid Central Festival! Find more information and scheduling here:

Seventh Annual Northern Writes Festival May 3-5!



Friday MAY 3


Saturday MAY 4


Sunday MAY 5

12-1PM: Playwrights Pow-wow Brunch (event for local and visiting playwrights to interact)

After each reading, audience members will have the chance to offer feedback and answer questions from and with the playwright.

Tickets are $10 for the entire weekend of readings. One may attend as few or as many events as they choose. As always, Penobscot Theatre full season subscribers are invited to attend all Northern Writes events as part of their subscription at no additional charge.

Northern Writes is made possible through generous funding from the Quimby Family Foundation.

PTC will participate in the Kid Central Festival, May 4th from 10-3.

Visit PTC  at the Bangor Opera House for the Kid Central Festical! Come get your picture taken, from 10-Noon see our resident Magician’s Show and from 12 -3 play theater games with out Teen Council Members. And make sure to get a summer camp brochure!