Penobscot Theatre’s Shakespeare in the Schools Residency Program Begins Booking, Available Year Round!

Shake it up with Shakespeare!  Want to introduce your students to the language of Shakespeare in an engaging and exciting way?  Have our teaching artists join you to bring the works of William Shakespeare alive in your classroom!  Using voice, movement, props, and costumes our program is designed to bring a fresh perspective to these classic works.  With three different workshop formats you can choose the programming that is right for you.  From those just discovering “the bard” to seasoned readers, everyone will see Shakespeare in a new way!  In order to better serve our school community, we are now offering our Residency Program from October through May.  We have also expanded our cache of available plays – so schools are able to choose the Shakespeare play that supports their existing curriculum.  See booking information below!

Teaching Artists visit Rangeley Lakes Regional High School.

80 Minute Workshop:

            This workshop is ideal for those just beginning to discover Shakespeare.  Our instructors will work with your class to introduce the fundamentals of reading and performing such classics as Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  Explore swordplay, the secrets to unlocking Shakespeare’s language, and employ vocal and physical techniques to work on scenes that encourage class participation and imaginative problem-solving!

One Day Workshop:

            Have our teaching artists spend a full day with your class!   Instructors will lead students in theater exercises, discuss the historical background of theater in Shakespeare’s time, and work with them to create several scenes from the play you choose from our list of selections.  Using props, costumes, and vocal and physical techniques, your students’ experience will culminate with scenes to present by the end of the day!

 Week Long Artists in Residence Program:

            Our artists will spend a full week with your students creating a performance piece from one or a combination of the plays we have available this year.  Students will explore theater history, acting technique, and script analysis in this week long intensive. This inter-disciplinary event culminates in the option for your students to perform what they have learned for your entire school at the end of the residency!


Our residency program has already begun to book!  PTC’s artists will travel to Ellsworth High School at the end of October. Dates are limited, so be sure to schedule your residency today!

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Director of Education and Outreach
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