Meet our Board President Cathy Maher!

The title “Bank Vice President” may conjure up the image of a stodgy, “no-nonsense” person in a three piece suit.  Though she is no-nonsense, Camden National Bank Vice President Cathy Maher is anything but stodgy.  Not only is she the grandmother of seven, an athlete, (having run two half marathons and biked the “Trek Across Maine” four times), and a performing artist (Cathy has participated in operettas, musicals, one act plays, and PTC’s Northern Writes Festival); Cathy also serves as the President of the Board at Penobscot Theatre Company.  With so much on her plate, one might wonder why on earth she would choose to take on the often challenging position of Board President for a non-profit organization.  “I love everything about it, “said Cathy, “You get such a good feeling knowing that you are part of something that is growing to be a big part of the community.  I like knowing that in some way I helped make that happen.”  She also credits former Executive Director of Penobscot Theatre, Scott Levy with her involvement at the theatre.  “He saw a need for strong leadership and was instrumental in bringing me on board.”

Though one might expect a person with thirty-five years in the banking business to fall into what is known as the “left-brained” category, it is clear in talking with her that Cathy Maher also has a passionate and long time love of the arts.  Having participated in performances since junior high and continuing throughout her high school and adult life, Cathy has done it all.  She has sung, danced, acted, read stage directions, and worked on technical elements for productions in Brewer, Veazie, and Bangor.  Some of her favorite local performances include PTC’s To Kill a Mockingbird and of the cast of Forever Plaid she says, “I love them.  I will go see them every time they perform no matter how many years they do it.”  Cathy says the most interesting part of her work with PTC is watching the process of a production being created.  “It’s just fascinating, to see a show go from its first reading to the final production. And also to see all of the work that goes into it.  It’s a lot.”

Perhaps it is Cathy’s unique synthesis of first- hand experience in both the financial and artistic worlds that make her such a dynamic leader of the Penobscot Theatre Board. Though she acknowledges that finances will always be the most challenging aspect of maintaining a non-profit organization, Cathy Maher is a woman who can solve a problem.  Nathan Halvorson, Interim Artistic Director at Penobscot Theatre says of her, “Cathy is a go-getter.  Once she has set her mind to something, there is no stopping her.  We have new carpeting in the lobby; fresh flowers delivered every week and have opened our rehearsal space to corporate parties largely due to her efforts.  We are lucky to have her at the helm of our board.  I am mildly obsessed with Cathy Maher.”  Managing Director, Marcie Bramucci commented, “Cathy stepped in as Board President during a particularly active time at PTC, she rolled up her sleeves and dove right in.  As a trustee, Cathy has helped PTC make great strides… Quite frankly, we could not be more fortunate to have Cathy serving in such an integral capacity at the helm of the theatre’s Board.”

As Cathy said herself, it takes a lot to make theater happen, including strong leadership at the head of an organization.  Cathy has clearly dedicated herself to being part of that process and therefore achieved yet another of her diverse goals.  If you see her at the bank, at the theater, or on the golf course, take a moment to say thanks.  Or ask her about the time she played Princess Winnifred the Woebegone in Once Upon a Mattress…