You’ve Got Backstage Passes!

Welcome to “Backstage at PTC” the place to find all things related to Penobscot Theatre Company!  The goal of the blog is to create a platform for our audiences to get to know us both inside and out.  Many people attend performances at the theater, but few are aware of the exciting inner workings of the theater and what it takes to make these productions happen.  To that end, we have created “Backstage at PTC” and will be sharing with you the following areas of interest:

      “Behind the Curtain” – This segment will feature profiles of people involved with Penobscot Theatre.  From staff, to performers, to board members, to volunteers, we want you to have the opportunity to learn about the names and faces that make the theater run!

      “Dramatic Academy” – Articles under this heading will focus on the Education Department at Penobscot Theatre.  Upcoming educational programming, student matinees, touring show Information, opportunities for children, and much more will be found here.

     “From Away” – Did you know Penobscot Theatre hires performers, designers, musicians, and technicians from all over the country?  Ever wonder what their story is?  You’ll find it here!

     “Northern Writes” – Each year Penobscot Theatre holds it Northern Writes New Play Festival.  Under this heading you will be able to find the schedule and events surrounding Northern Writes.  DID YOU KNOW?….  Many of the plays that get their first reading at Penobscot Theatre go on to be published and produced?  Check in here to find out what is happening with your favorite plays from past seasons!

     “Nuts & Bolts” – Penobscot Theatre is known for its spectacular visual productions.  Ever wonder how they happen?  How much they cost?  How it all works?  You can find out in this section of the blog!  

And of course, we will keep you updated on all of the exciting events at the theater under the tab of the same name.  We look forward to this new and exciting way to interact with our audiences.  Whether you attend the theatre regularly or have never set foot in the Bangor Opera House “Backstage at PTC” is a great way for you to become part of the action!