PTC Launches New Feature for Audience Feedback: “Viewer Voices” – We Want to Hear from YOU!

Our greatest resource is YOU, our audience members, our community! That’s why we are creating a new section of our blog called “Viewer Voices.”  We want to know what you think of our productions and events, and invite you to share your thoughts with us.  These can be show “reviews”, accounts of your experiences at our special events, or ideas for future town hall topics.  We will also be featuring responses from members of our Teen Council to give our young audiences a perspective that’s right for them!  After review, a number of these will be selected each week to be featured in this section of our blog, shared on our facebook page, and potentially our newsletter and website.   By submitting your feedback, you agree to allow us to use this content in these ways. Please send your submissions via email at  Check out some of the great examples we have already received about our current production, Becky’s New Car!

“Becky’s New Car was the best dramatic play that I have seen at PTC in years. With that said, it was also a delight to experience the return of some veteran PTC actors ala Ken Stack and Ron Lisnet. It was dramatic, comedic, powerful and appealing- a fun, provocative and thoughtful romp on the other side of the line- but all with a happy ending. Much fun was had by all.”

                                   – Glen L. Porter, Eaton Peabody

“I just wanted to thank you and Bari Newport for giving our firm the opportunity to sponsor “Becky’s New Car”!  Whew! What a production! 

 I know you say that it is harder to get sponsors for new work, but to all of us at Deighan Wealth Advisors, “new work” presents a unique opportunity to give current thinking/expression in the arts a chance to push us all forward as both individuals and members of a Community.  The play explores serious topics: relationships, honesty, self-respect, responsibility, fairness,  and commitment, but it is anything but a dark play.  The audience is seduced into the action in the first act, and it is both fun and fascinating.  By the end of the second act, we were completely vested participants in the lives of the characters.  I loved it when one male playgoer in front unexpectedly roared out encouragement and direction to the first supporting actor.  We were near the end, and I thought for a minute that they might slap each other on the back and leave the theatre for a beer together.   The players had become “our people” and we were urging them to personal redemption as it presented itself in its many forms.

 The set was fantastic.  The staging perfect and the acting sleek and compelling.  I was particularly tickled to learn that this play was originally commissioned as a gift for someone’s 60th birthday present.  Imagine that!  Thank you so much for a wonderful night of live theatre in right here in Bangor, Maine.”

– Jean M. Deighan, JD, CFP®, Chief Executive Officer