Check out Master Carpenter Will Newman putting the finishing touches on the set of The Blueberry Balladeer!

Master Carpenter Will Newman and his amazing fireplace!


Ever wonder how the wonderful sets at Penobscot  Theatre Company are created?  We have a fantastic team of designers, technicians and staff that make it all happen!  Meet Will Newman, our Master Carpenter!  See his work at this weekend’s production of The Blueberry Balladeer!

“The Blueberry Balladeer”
Performances: April 26th – 29th

  • April 26: 6:00PM
  • April 27: 6:00 PM
  • April 28: 6:00 PM
  • April 29: 2:00PM

Master Carpenter, Will Newman

Will Newman holds a BFA from Pennsylvania State University. His background is varied, with jobs ranging from carpentry, decorative blacksmithing, and prefabricated concrete. Will grew up near Gettysburg, PA, lived in Montana for over twelve years and recently returned to Maine to live near his family.