Northern Writes Expands!

In the spirit of fostering all kinds of new work, Penobscot Theatre Company is expanding the scope of its Northern Writes New Play Festival!  Not only will you be able to hear play readings of new scripts, new music, literature, and spoken word; you will also be treated to an entirely new production by our friends at Her Majesty’s Cabaret!  In order to make this happen they need your help.  Check out their video and statement below and give, Give, GIVE!  Cabaret will be joining us June 23rd!  And keep checking back to see what other exciting events we will be adding to the schedule.  We can’t wait to host these new partners at our festival!

“October 2010. A small group of Bangor-area musicians, dancers, comedians, artists and other creative types, organized by Bangor native and performing artist Zachary Robbins, joined forces under the banner of Her Majesty’s Cabaret to bring a unique, boundary-pushing performance experience to eastern Maine. In the 18 months since, Her Majesty’s Cabaret has grown from a totally DIY, low-budget production to a totally DIY, slightly larger budget production that has brought together more than 60 creative individuals from throughout New England.

HMC is funded entirely by donations from local businesses and from ticket sales, and it is promoted via word of mouth, well-placed posters and a network of specially trained, sentient squirrels that subliminally tell people to attend (one of these is not true). In October 2010, around 50 people attended the first-ever show. In February 2012, 75 seats were sold out in 9 minutes, with more than 60 other people waiting in line to get in after. It was pretty awesome, right? It not only drives home the point further that Bangor, Maine is coming into its own as a creative community – it shows that there’s an audience here for independent theater.

HMC has produced four all original shows, each with its own unique theme. From the first, Weimer-inspired, traditional Cabaret to the fabulous 1970s homage of “Love, Cabaret Style”; from the cheeky holiday fun of “XXMas” to the socio-political humor of “Radio, Radio,” HMC isn’t afraid to tackle any subject or format. Variety is the name of the game!

As HMC has grown, the demands of the show have grown along with it. Professional lights, sound, staging and costumes are now an integral part of giving the audience a show that is memorable, and that reaches a high artistic standard. Because of this, HMC needs the help of its fans, its friends and anyone that cares about art in Maine to make the next Cabaret the best it possibility can be — and to ensure that the group can keep producing shows for years to come. This Kickstarter campaign will fund the following specific projects, to be produced in the next three months.

1. Funding for “Her Majesty’s Cabaret Sells Out,” the next all original show, set for June 9 at Nocturnem Drafthaus and June 23 at the Bangor Opera House, as a featured performance as part of Penobscot Theatre’s Northern Writes New Play Festival. The show will be themed around the subjects of commercialism, consumerism and the pursuit of the almighty dollar, with lots of new comedy sketches written by Zachary Robbins, Emily Burnham and other hilariously talented people, live music, film and original choreography. $850 will cover the start up costs of the show, which include props, costumes, posters and fliers, paying the performers and other incidental costs. The June 9 performance will be a preview show of sorts, while June 23 will be an all-out theatrical experience in a much larger venue, which the Penobscot Theatre has graciously allowed HMC to take over for one night. 

2. T-shirts and other promotional items! HMC needs to get its face in your face! $400 will help print up a first run of locally screenprinted tees, with a brand new HMC logo designed by Bangor artist Kat Johnson. They will be available in time for the June 9 show, and they will instantly make you sexier.

3. Technical stuff. Primarily, a sets of lights to use for future HMC performances, along with the appropriate dimmer boxes and other equipment. $350 will cover the majority of the cost of purchasing these lights. It will make the Cabaret of tomorrow that much brighter and more beautiful!

One year from now, HMC hopes to be able to produce a brand-new show every two months, and have multiple performances with each run. This campaign will set the group on the path to being able to do just that. Your support, your love and your unbridled enthusiasm for funny, off-kilter, challenging, independent theater helps lift the creative community of eastern Maine up!”

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